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Default Magenta Cast when printing

I found a big discrepancy when printing via PS7 and QP 2002. I double check and triple check that I do not have multiple ICC profile being used but still got a heavy magenta cast on the printed output.

I have a chromix Canon s820 printer profile that I am using for soft proofing as well as for printing.

I adjust my image with soft proofing on and then print the image using the same ICC profile.

PS7 output is very close to my Photocal spyder calibrated monitor.

QP using the same Chromix profile is very red/magenta. The skin tone is very red and the image is very coarse. It sounds like double profiling, doesn't it? But, I checked and checked with no fixes.

Please HELP!!!
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PhotoShop and Qimage Pro will produce identical color as long as the color management and print driver are set up the same way. Here's how to set both up the same way:

(1) The input profile: the profile used for the input (image) is just as important as the printer profile. When you open an image in PhotoShop, you are normally asked how you want to color manage the image (what profile to use) if the image has no embedded profile. If your images came from a camera or scanner, chances are there was no profile attached and PhotoShop either asked you what profile to use, or made an assumption. In Qimage Pro, this same association with the input ICC profile is made, but in a different place. It is under "Settings", "Color Management". The assumption for the input profile is in the input color table at the top. If you want to know what input profile is being assumed in Qimage Pro, just hold the mouse pointer over the thumbnail for your image and look at the bottom status bar. The profile assumed for input is listed at the end of the information on that "hot bar". Make sure that both programs are using the same "starting point" by ensure that the same ICC profile is being used for the image itself.

(2) Print space: PhotoShop calls it "print space" and Qimage Pro calls it "Printer ICC" but they are really the same thing. You need to make sure that the printer profile being used under "Printer ICC" in Qimage Pro is the same that you find under "File", "Print Options", "More Options", "Color Management", "Print Space" in PhotoShop.

(3) Print driver settings: Qimage Pro remembers your print driver settings and PS does not, so be aware that they could be different without you knowing it. Make sure you click "File", "Printer Setup" in both programs and go through the properties for your printer to ensure that all print driver settings are identical. Normally, you do not want to use the "ICM" setting in your print driver and doing so can cause double profiling.

If you do the above, QP and PS will produce identical print color.

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The comments above clear up what should be happen. I asume it's something i'm doing wrong but any way.

I have had problems with profiles and found the correct colour only being given when the ICC on the printer was enabled?
I habe an eposn 1290 printer.

Qimage has a display & RAW Conversion ICC setting too.

I assume this display ICC profile will be used for the monitor and the RAW Convertion one inserted in to the .TIFF/.JPG produced?
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Qimage Pro only embeds ICC profiles into TIFF files currently, not JPEG's. What is it that you are trying to do? Are you converting images from raw to TIFF or raw to JPEG? If so, does the following help with workflow?

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