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Default Resizing

Iam just starting to try out Qimage pro 2.2 using Win 98. With my Canon S100 2mega pixel camera when printing a 7.5 by 10 with an Epson 780 photo printer i got slightly better results by resizing the photo larger in Qimage Pro to get 186PPI rather than leaving it at 145PPI. The instructions if am reading them correctly say this is not necessary, but i printed both original size and enlarged size and had 7 differnt people look at them and they all picked the photo i enlarged to a higher resolution to get 186PPI. So did i read the instructions wrong or is it better to get the PPI up to at least 186ppi before printing with Qimage Pro?? Oh by the way i also printed a 7.5 by 10 in Photo Shop 6.0 and they all thought that print was the worst out of the three prints. Same image used of course. Not resized when i used Photo Shop (145ppi)
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When you print the original image on your Epson 780, Qimage Pro is going to resample it to 720 PPI anyway before passing the image to the driver (if you have your interpolation level set to "Max" under "Prints", "Print Interpolation).

What is probably happening is that you are introducing other changes by resizing. What method did you use to resize? If you used Lanczos, that can actually have a slight sharpening effect. So if you resample once to 186 PPI and then print, QP is going to do a second resampling from 186 PPI to 720 PPI for the print driver. Doing those two resamplings may have actually helped your particular image because it may have made it look a little sharper.

What was the main difference between the two? Sharpness? If so, maybe people preferred a little more sharpening on the image you printed.
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Default resizing

Yes i used Lanczos set at max to resize. The photo looks a little sharper and the color seems to be slightly richer, at least those were the comments i got from others and i also thought that too. Now i did originaly sharpen the picture in Photo shop 6.0 and also changed the brightness and contrast slightly. Then i brought image into Qimage and resized it to give me 186ppi for a 7.5 by 10 picture.
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