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I'm on a quest to have what I see on my monitor match what my printer produces. I can accomplish this, but not in the way I came to expect based on my novice understanding of color management.

I expected to get the best match using Qimage and choosing the right print profile for my printer, paper and ink combination. I find I can only get the monitor-printer match if I don't pick the printer profile but instead let the printer driver manage the color instead of letting Qimage manage the color using the selected profile. I ran tests using the print profile in Qimage, and Lightroom Beta 4. In both instances the print had lower contrast and generally looked more washed out than what I saw on the screen. In Qimage, letting the driver manage the color, the monitor and print match. Sigh… what do I not understand?

My monitor is profiled using Monoco Optix XR. My printer is a new HP B9180. I'm using the HP Advanced Glossy paper and profile.

Any enlightenment will be appreciated.

- Reese
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The most important question is, where did you get your printer/paper profile and did it come with instructions on how to set up the print driver for that profile? Most profiles from manufacturers are useless because they come with no information on how to use them, what quality settings to make in the driver, etc. To get an accurate printer profile, you may need to use a tool like Profile Prism (see link below) to develop your own profile.

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