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I'm wondering if anyone has a good workflow taking image from a RAW converter into Qimage for scaled printing.

I develop my RAW images in Capture One as Adobe RGB TIFFs, and use Qimage to send them to the printer.

I could scale them to print size in Capture one, or leave them full size, and then tell Qimage to scale them.

The issue has to to with scaling then re-scaling: Capture One does not have a direct way to scale to a print size, it uses percentage, which doesn't hit the print size directly. For example, I need a scale factor between 51% and 52% to convert an image to almost exactly 6 x 4 inches. If I let Qimage make the final adjustment to fit, then scaling gets stacked on scaling.

But if I don't scale them out of Capture One, and use Qimage's more direct print sizing, those 100% 300dpi TIFFs are around 26Mb in size.

So, any good Rules o' Thumb?

mike elliott

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Thething to remember here is that Qimage does a better job at scaling (interpolation) than most other programs, so it is best to leave the scaling to Qimage. When you use a raw converter, you should always just develop the image at the "native" resolution of the camera. Don't ever resize/scale it. Not doing any rescaling in the raw converterensures that there is only a single scaling step and it is done using superior scaling algorithms (Qimage).

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