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I am using Qimage 2007.131 and would like to do borderless printing on an Epson PictureMate while minimizing the amount of my image lost due to overspray. I realize that I can set the printer driver to borderless and enable "Borderless Overspray/Expansion" in Qimage and make borderless prints. But it seems to me that I am losing much more of the print than needed due to overspray. The Epson printer driver for the PictureMate does not give me any option to reduce or control the amount of overspray.

Are there any settings in Qimage that I can tweak so that the end result is (1) borderless prints and (2) less image loss due to overspray?

I experimented with print size and margin settings in Qimage but without success. But maybe I did not try just the right combo of settings.

BTW, Qimage reports that this printer has a fixed margin of .0013 inches on the bottom and right side. If I tell Qimage to disable "Borderless Overspray/Expansion", then I get prints that cover the paper nicely to the top and left edges with very little image loss. There is a small amount (~1/20 inch) of white showing on the bottom and right sides of the prints.

Any suggestions for something I should try? I want to determine if there is a solution in Qimage before turning to CS2.
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Not sure what you think you are going to accomplish in CS2 since any program will be subject to the exact same printer limitations. In fact, Qimage is the only program that will allow you to disable the overspray. This is already covered in the Qimage help:



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Yes, I realize that Qimage lets me turn overspray off. But that is not my goal. I want to leave overspray on while reducing the amount of my image that is lost due to overspray. I wish to have only a tiny amount of my image ‘printed' off the edge of the paper instead of the rather generous amount that I have been losing so far.

Turns out there is a fairly easy fix available via CS2. For the step-by-step please see


This fix (1) greatly reduces the amount of an image lost due to overspray when making borderless prints and (2) reduces ink consumption.

Of course I am still using Qimage to print. Great product!!
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