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Hi, I hope you can help me with this one because it's got me stumped.

After I've set up a template to allow pagination, I then drag a bunch of images (one per page) onto it to form a queue. It always orders the images so that the last file name appears on the first page.

e.g. if I was dragging pic01 & pic02, then pic02 would be on page 1, and pic01 on page 2 etc etc.

I have tried changing the page print order under 'collate', but that appears to make no difference. Is there a way to reverse the order of the prints in the queue???

btw I can get the prints in the right order by manually dragging them one at a time, but that is pretty inefficient when dealing with lots of images.

Thanks, David.

P.S. This is a long shot - but also is there a way to change the pagination? I.E. run from say 5-7 instead of 1-3?

I'm running v2007.125 on XP SP2
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It's hard to imagine exactly what you are doing, but it sounds like you just need to re-order your thumbnails. If you highlight a bunch of thumbnails and add them, they are added in the order in which they appear in the thumbnails. Select "View", "Thumbnail/File Browser", "Sort Thumbs/Files By" and choose the opposite sort order for the thumbs: if it is currently on "+" choose "-" or vice versa.

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