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I am evaluating V2007.151 and have come across an oddity. Tiff files saved in the per channel (RRGGBB) pixel order are not read by Qimage properly. The thumbnail either looks like noise gibberish or a repeating pattern of the image scaled down and in black and white.

I thought maybe it was just a thumbnail problem but the images print the same way.

I resaved the one of the problem images in .psd format and that was handled fine. I then decided to look at the tif compression type and noticed the pixel format option. I changed that to interleaved (RGBRGB) and qimage displayed that file fine.

The original tiff files were generated from Adobe Lightroom beta 4 and also saved in PS CS2. I changed the pixel order setting when saving in PS CS2.

Is this a known problem, not a problem (don't used per channel order), or other?

BTW, so far I'm fairly impressed. I'm checking out the color management and comparing print quality to the ipf5000 PS plugin but I'm pretty sure I'll be purchasing the studio version.


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While Qimage is compatible with some non-interlaced formats, the RRGGBB format used by Adobe is not supported. The simple answer is just not to use the "per channel" option, as that option isn't very common anyway. In fact, I've never seen it before in anything other than PS and Lightroom.

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Thanks Mike. Not too big a deal, just an added step. I'm using Lightroom to process RAW files and when you choose the option to edit in PS it generates a non-interleaved Tiff. Maybe the 1.0 version will change that or give the option to specify the format. Personally I'd prefer that LR generate a psd file.
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