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I'm trying to make contact sheets and I keep getting various results as far as the EXIF information that is printed under the individual photos. Sometimes it gives me: file name, resolution,(ISO xxx), date, time, and f-stop and other times it doesnt include the date and time, but prints more the more useful EXIF info beyond the f-stop info, such as shutter speed and focal length. I can't seem to figure out what I do differently to get the different styles.

What I would really like is to have the file name, resolution, ISO,f-stop, shutter speed, and focal length info only. Is there a way to format what EXIF information is displayed in the contact sheet? Would it be better to define a new "predefined page, and if so, how would I go about formattingit to provide the EXIF info I want? I can pretty much figure out how to set up the page, with the number of images I want, the sizes, and the layout, but how do I get it to printonly the EXIF info I want?
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The best way would be to design your own layout. Take a look at some of the contact sheet and "order sheet" layouts that are in Qimage already and modify them to your needs. See "Floating Text" in the help for more info.

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