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I am using Qimage v. 2007.178 in a Windows XP Professional computer. My printer is an HP Photosmart 8250. I want to print 10, 3"x2" images on 8 1/2 x 11 photo paper. My problem is I would like to center those images on the paper when they are printed. To center the images, in Qimage I chose "Portrait" for Page Orientation. Then I chose "Center Placement" by clicking on the Placement icon. When I look at the right side of the Qimage screen, the images look like they are centered on the page. There are two rows of four images and a bottom row of two images in the Portrait view. However, when I print the images, they are not centered. The printing starts at the top of the short end of the page. Also, the end images, on the two rows with four images, print only half their image. There wasn't enough room on the printed page for those images. I thought I would try again but this time I first clicked on the Page Formatting menu, then "Page Margins, then "Center on Physical Page." When I then printed the images I still had the same problems I just described.
1) How can I center the images in Qiamge so they print in the center of the page with equal margins around them on the sides?
2) Why is there not enough room on the printed page for all the images when the images look like they fit the page when viewed in Qimage?
3) Is there a print preview screen to look at before I print? . If so, how do I access it?
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These are all a function of your printer driver. Your printer driver determines the printable area on the page so if you want everything centered, you'd have to select an option in the driver that sets the printable area to "centered", assuming the driver has that option. Qimage is just working within the confines of your printer capabilities, so the printer driver is where you'd need to tweak things for this. Also, when only parts of an image print, it is an indication that the printer driver is not accepting all the data. There are some good tips on these issues in the "Troubleshooting" section of the Qimage help.

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