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Default Resizing and Original Proportions

First, let me say I am evaluating Qimage. You make a great logical argument, and I've seen a difference on a large print that I've made.

I usually deal with scans of slides or negs and generally scan them at 4000 spi. My 'old' workflow was to resize in my editor by keeping proportions and filesize constant (not loosing or adding any data). If I wanted an 8x10, I would either pick the 8 or the 10, let the editor figure out the other side and the new resolution. For example, I would end up with 8x10.231 with 346.2 spi. I would just send this to the printer.

My question: How do I keep my original proportions in Qimage? I can select 8x10, but that will slightly alter my image. In this example, that is not much, but what if I have cropped majorly or even have a different aspect ratio? I want to be able to keep my exact proportions without doing the math myself. Thanks!
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If you have the crop button (scissors icon in the "prints" group) in the up position, Qimage will automatically calculate the size based on the aspect ratio so that the entire image is printed. If you select 8x10, it will make sure that your entire image fits within an 8x10 frame.

If you want to set the longest side to 10 inches and have Qimage calculate the other, simply select a size of 10x10.
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