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Hi All

I have yet install and use the trial period so just wished to clarify the following.

My typical workflow now for web or print is to do any adjustments etc in CS2 (I do have other editing software but CS2 workflow is 'typical') as part of these initial steps I will crop as needed and make any last step sharpening for the web or print as appropriate.

Right as I percieve Qimage in the workflow - I will still be doing all the adjustments i.e. levels, curves, capture sharpening steps such as initial USM etc up until the point when any resizing or cropping may be required, I should then save the image in TIFF or quality 12 JPEG. Here I open the full res/size image in Qimage and crop as required & then when I come to select the final print size I do so letting Qimage uprez if/as required at the recommended DPI. i.e. it is not required to crop to print size in the CS2 workflow as Qimage handles all that aspect of the output needs.

Note here - I intend to print to file to make use of online printing labs.

Also havingraised this sort of border related questionat dpreview I intend to add a double border - 1) a large white one such as seen on fineart prints so I can add a title and copyright notice and 2) a fine line border on the outermost edge to 'trick' the printer into not cropping the overall image. The purpose behind this is to make use of a larger format printer but print with a large overall border for the reason stated above. It is my understanding that by using Qimage in this manner the actual image area is static at say 300dpi but the border is so to speak "blank" i.e. not part of the image for resolution purposes.

I hope that makes sense :?

TIA for any insight on the above and any guidance to aid the desired results

PS The reason to aks before trialing is that I wanted to prepare a few images for the test up until the point that Qimage was needed to get the files off to the print lab.

PPS Sorry if in any reading I have done so far I have missed 'this', but does Qimage work non-destructively or is it the received wisdom that one should work with copies of the file to be printed???

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Sounds like you are interpretting things correctly, including the way borders work in relation to the image PPI. Not sure what you mean with regard to Qimage being non-destructive. It won't ever change or modify the original image (that you are printing), if that's what you mean.

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