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I'm new to Qimage and I'm running the Pro version thru Fusion on a Mac to a B9180. I'd read where Qimage was a great program with a non-intuitive interface and both seem to be running true. After a lot of frustration, I finally managed to get an single image queued up for an 11x17 sheet of paper to print at 9.96x15 inches. When I tried to print I was warned to "close the Specialty Media Tray". I then knew that the printer was mistakenly trying to print from the interior Main Tray (my experience w/ printing thru PSCS#). So I accessed printer settings thru Qimage and at first took the paper source off of "Main Tray" and chose "Select Automatically". I got the exact same error message. My next option was to set the driver to "Specialty Media Tray" - but it made no difference. Qimage does not seem to be communicating with the printer properly about what tray to use. It's not a total lack of communication because I successfully printed two smaller prints thru Qimage from the main tray. But it can't seem to shift gears to the tray for larger paper. ???

UPDATED: I continued toying with the program and got it to print. Apparently the first time I was changing tray settings, it was in an XP dialog box: "Print Setup". That box offered a choice of paper trays but making the choice there was ineffective. The second time I tried, I noticed the Print Setup box had a printer "Properties" button. Pressing that, and waiting a longish 6-8 seconds (Fusion??), brought up an **HP** driver dialog box which also offered settings for choosing the tray. These settings work. I'm gonna do a totally Mac enthusiast thing and blame the difficulties on XP. I shouldn't be offered settings choices which won't work unless I first go elsewhere and make the SAME choices. MS rubbish !
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Just sounds like some growing pains when trying to use a different system. Windows allows you to set the default print settings through Control Panel. You get the same properties as you would through the program and you set them where you want them. Then when you are in a program that prints, when you bring up the print setup dialog there, the ones you selected in Control Panel come up by default the first time you use the dialog through the program. Fortunately Qimage will remember the settings once you change them so you only have to make your selections once and you can forget about the "other" XP dialog. I believe the XP dialog is there to help out programs other than Qimage since most other programs don't offer the ability to remember/save/recall print driver settings like Qimage.

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