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I have a lot of photos, where a good (semi-)automatic RAW development would beok to produce good quality JPEG pictures and/or just quick prints to handout to someone. Now I saw that QImage is able to do so, but can't test that feature in the demo version.

I use a Pentax DL2 camera and the Pentax PPL software to do the RAW conversion.

What I am after is a direct comparison where I can develop the .PEF file in PPL and someone else can develop the same .PEF file with QImage so I can truly compare the differences.

Don't get me wrong here - the given samples on the QImage website look really good, but I want to see the whole thing before I decide to buy.

So my question is: can someone share one or more .PEF files AND the QImage-developed JPEG's? I would then develop the .PEF's on my own with PPL again and compare the corresponding JPEG's.

If there aren't any Pentax users here, I could also try to upload some PEF's of course.

I am also interested in your experiences about the QImage RAW workflow itself - speed is not my concern, it's more the ease of use and the quality.

Sorry if this was already discussed elsewhere - if so, please give a link and I'll head there to read on my own.

Best regards,
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