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Hi, I'm trying out QImage V2009.107 to see if it is superior to my present methodof resampling digital images to larger sizes. When I do I am getting a shift to red that is quite noticeable, let alone measureable. I have my custom monitor calibration set in Mntr ICC and have tried Let printer/driver manage color, OFF and the custom driver for my printer. I'm using Hybrid. The degree varies slightly but the end result is unuseable. I'm not driving directly to my printer as a local store has a new 7880. They don't know how to use it and I have access to it behind the counter as much as I like as long as I pay for the prints. Sure beats buying one when you haven't got enough use for it.

Apart from the color shift the results are excellent for both resampling and sharpening but? I've triedapplying the adobeRGB ICC to the Raw printer file but this doesn't appear to be a gamut problem. Previously I have tried out an older version of QImage and don't recall a color shift??


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If you are printing to file, the color shift is probably caused by a mismatch of profiles. Try setting your Prtr ICC to something like Adobe RGB or sRGB. That way all your printed files will be converted to that color space and tagged appropriately.

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Default Re: Printing to file color shift

I just updated from version 10 and have the same issue. My file includes a photoshop EPS(I also attempted .Tif file)which is linked. The color in version 10 was and should be a sandy baige or tan color which is how it printed, but when I upgraded to CS the color shifted dramatically to a blue gray. I have been all over the adobe site attempting to find an answer without success.

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