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OK, So I don't know who reads this forum and whether the developers are listening. If not perhaps somebody could point me in the right direction.

A couple of little things that would be great if they could be added. I know they bother me, and if they bother me there must be other people as well. I have Studio edition.

1) - Output File Name to the Printer - Please can this be changed to the name you give the job rather than just the date/time.

Reason: I have print logging and accounting enabled on my printer (Z3100) - The jobs that QImage sends out have meaningless names. It's difficult to match up the Output File name on the printer accounting, to the Job name in QImage. It would make more sense if QImage asked for the Job name at the beginning of the Spool and then used that as the Output File name it sends to the printer.

2) - A bleed option, so we can add a automatic bleed to the print and with the crop marks INSIDE the bleed edge.

Reason: Many of my prints are mounted to foam core or other mounting boards. I like to leave a 5mm bleed around the edge of the print for trimming purposes. The crop marks (if selected) should show the cropping of the original print size without the bleed. So if I wanted a final size of 1000mm x 1000mm mounted, I would add a 5mm bleed (so the actual print is 1010mm x 1010mm) and the crop marks show at the 0mm and 1000mm mark.
Currently I have to add 10mm onto the size of the print manually, it would be fantastic if we could have this option.

That's all really, a great, great product, I use it every day and always awesome quality.

Thanks loads!

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Thanks for the feedback. Your first item is already there: use "Edit", "Preferences", "Job Logging", "Job File Naming" and you can set it to "Manual" where you give it a name of your own each time. I like your second suggestion of bleed and think it would make a good feature. In the mean time, did you know that you can change all the sizes in the size dropdown to your liking? You could even create a second set of sizes called "bleeds" that would be your regular sizes plus the bleed amount. You can then just open that set of sizes when you want the bleed.


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Hi Mike, Thank you for your reply! ...

With regard to the file name: Mine already is set to Manual. The issue is it only logs this file name AFTER the processing. This works well for the Internal Job Log for Qimage but it isn't the name of the actual job file that gets sent to the printer. For example, this is the current workflow....

1) - I would create a job and hit print.
2) - QImage processes the job and starts spooling it to the printer ... the job name is "QImage - 10/27/2008 08:32:45pm" - This is the name of the job as it is getting sent to the printer ... you can see it is by checking the print queue.
3) - When it finishes THEN QImage asks me for the job name which it stores for the internal print job logging.

What I am meaning is if it asked BEFORE it started Spooling, then used that custom name to send to the printer. The printer than can store an identical name in IT'S log as to QImage.

The Bleed option, yes that would be fantastic, I am with you, I already have a set of custom print sizes called "A1 + 5mm bleed" etc .. The crop marks are on the outside of the bleed however.

We have a lot of 'odd' bespoke sizes, which I would only create a temporary custom size, an option (per image) where we could say 'Bleed' would be cool, and somewhere to specify what the bleed size is.

Anyways, never a complaint! Just a suggestion to make a fantastic peice of software even better!

thanks again, John

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