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I have been using QImage a lot lately, but I have not been able to figure out how to use it to do one of my more common printing tasks.

Some 8x12 compositions look best uncropped. If I'm building an 8x10 album, and I want to use such an image, I used to simply downscale it in PS to say 9" in the long dimension, and throw it on an 8x10 PS canvas. I would pick the appropriate background/border colour, add a keyline to guide my trimming on 8-1/2x11 paper, and print away.

I am trying to figure out if there is an easy way to do this in QImage, but so far, no joy.

The closest solution that I have found is to tell QImage to scale the image to 9" long, pick a backround colour, and then print. But since I'm using 8-1/2 x 11 paper, with this method I do not get crop marks to guide my cuts to trim it as an 8x10 ... and I really want those crop marks.

Can anyone help?

David A. Gilmour LPPO
Lumacraft Photography
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There are actually a few ways to do this. One would be to create an 800 x 1000 pixel image that is the background color you like, put that on the page first and then in freehand mode, put your 6x9 photo on top of that. The way I prefer is the following:
  1. Click the scissors button and turn crop off (crop/scissors button not highlighted) so that Qimage won't crop the image.[/*]
  2. Select the page background color you like.[/*]
  3. Select the thumbnail(s) of the image(s) you want to print.[/*]
  4. Drop down the size and select "Custom", then check "Specify one dimension", check "LONG side" and enter "9" as the size.[/*]
  5. Click "OK" and the image(s) will be added to the queue. If Qimage asks if you want to span more than one page, answer "Yes": it has no way of knowing at this point what size (aspect ratio) images you may choose, so the warning isn't applicable in this case.[/*]
  6. Now right click in the thumbnails and choose "Deselect All".[/*]
  7. Click the size dropdown and choose 8x10. This will set the current size to 8x10 without adding any more copies of the image.[/*]
  8. Finally, drop down placement below the preview page and select "Template/Centered" placement.[/*]
  9. Check (or uncheck and recheck if already checked) the "Edges" box and select "Mark Corners".[/*]
Printing now will cause Qimage to print your 6x9 photo with crop marks at 8x10 positions because in Template/Centered mode, when you use "Mark Corners", the corners of the current template (current size: 8x10) are marked instead of the print itself. It's a little more complicated than most things in Qimage because using "Mark Corners" with "Template/Centered" placement is a special case that is designed to do what you are trying to do. You only have to do the above once though: see below.

BTW, I've just updated Qimage to 2009.209 which corrects a bug related to the above so make sure you are using the latest version. Also, you could create your own layout that does the above so that you can simply reload the layout with one easy step. Just use the "template" thumbnail in step 3 instead of a real image and then save the setup as a layout by clicking the save button at the top and then the "L" button before saving ith a name of your choice. That way, you only have to do the above once and you can recall it any time you like and skip all the steps. If you save a layout, you can just click "Custom", "Layout" in the future and pick the name you used to save the layout and all the above is done for you in one step.

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