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In CS3 I filled the background of a TIFF with the RGB color 255/254/243. The rest of the TIFF contains a collage of various photographs. In Qimage v2007.151 I place this TIFF on the page using "Original Size", then set the Page Background Color to the very same RGB color I used in CS3, 255/254/243.

In the Qimage preview, the area of the TIFF that was set to 255/254/243 looks different than the Qimage page backround color ... the Qimage page background seems to have a bit more red.

The printed copy (EPSON 3800) also shows this slight difference. I need them to look the very same.

Why would this happen? What's the solution?

Interp: is set to Hybrid. Sharpen is set to 6. I've been using Qimage for 2 years with this same printer, and my various ICC's seem to perform well.

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First, upgrade to the latest version. The one you are using is a couple years (and probably close to 100 versions) old. Try again with the latest version.

If the colors still don't match, you have a color space mismatch. Qimage uses sRGB color space when you pick the page background color. That should have no impact on a color like 255,254,243 which would be the same in both sRGB and Adobe RGB color spaces, so in this case, it might just be the version you are using. Make sure you print a sample with the latest version to be sure since the printed version is what you are really interested in.

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