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Default I created a monitor file w/ Adobe Gamma But.....

I created a monitor profile w/ Adobe Gamma, not necessarily a good one, but a 1st try.
Here's the problem...If I set the monitor w/ the profile directly from the Gamma program the display changes.
If I go under "properties/settings/advanced/color management" and try to change to another profile (that came w/ the computer)
I get NO change to a different display.
If I go under "Intel Extreme Graphics/graphic properties/color" the color gets automatically lighter, even though I've made no changes.
If I check the contrast and brightness I see no changes in the settings though.
If I reset the screen to factory defaults, the display gets lighter, but I can not apply any changes if I change the profile.
Any ideas???
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Visual calibration tools like Adobe Gamma are hit or miss as far as getting accurate color for your monitor. They also offer very little explanation as to what they are doing to your system. Adobe gamma affects your display in two stages. There is a monitor gamma table that gets loaded on startup (or just after using Adobe Gamma). That's what you see changing your display. It is not applying the profile but rather the gamma tables to equalize the RGB curves of the monitor.

The second step is to apply the monitor profile to images you are viewing/editing. That is done in your photo editor or display program. If you change the monitor profile on your display properties "color managament" tab, you just change the association. Nothing about your system will change, but when you go into a program like PhotoShop that looks up the profile there, it will see and use the profile on that color management tab. Changing the profile on the color management tab of your display properties will have no effect whatsoever on your system at the "system" level.
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