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Default Monitor to Print difference in brightness: what should I Expect?

How do I manage the difference between what I see on screen and my print output?

I don't think it's a color management problem but more a question about whether I understand it sufficiently.

I have a pretty cheap inkjet which has a matched profile for glossy paper (made with Eye 1 device). Epson R220 with Epson Prem Glossy. Overall, the color is OK but it's the brightness that gets me. My main question is should I expect an image on a monitor to be brighter than the same image printed on glossy paper? I'd guess the difference is up to a stop and certainly a half stop. I'm thinking that because the monitor is lit up and the print is dependent on ambient light there will always be a difference but how to I edit to that difference?

In Photoshop if I choose >view>Proof Setup>Custom and select the profile for the printer then it certainly brings the brightness of the screen image down a bit but then, when I try to adjust with that profile the image I'm trying to print can't really take the adjustment - this is a particularly bad image. Here's my next question. If I am preparing an image in PS for this printer, should I work with Monitor RGB as the Proof setting or use the profile of the printer/paper?

I'm pretty sure I have a reasonable grasp of color management (without the really technical stuff) but am I understanding it's application in PS and relevance in Qimage?



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