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Default Canon i560

I bought a Canon i560 printer. When installing the printer, Canon loaded 5 different profiles in my computer. I have no clue whatsoever what profile to use, and I have not been able to get an answer from anyone on these profiles.

Anyone using the i560 and knows what the heck these profiles are and which one to use for what in Qimage?


PS The i560 is a real sleeper, a hidden find for those trying to find a great printer for photos at a great price. Costco has them for $89
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Old Jan 10, 2004, 9:49 AM   #2
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You will probably not get very good results with these profiles since they are just general "color shaper" profiles that are not designed for specific papers nor for your specific printer. You could use Windows Explorer to examine the description of the profiles. Just go to the folder where you found the profiles, highlight one of them, then right click "Properties" and you'll be able to view the profile description. Maybe that will help you at least determine what profiles to try.
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Old Jan 10, 2004, 5:41 PM   #3
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Hi Mike,

I did what you said but there is no information there.

I have been scavenging the net for the past few days to find out the profiles I asked you about definitions and I found them.

They install 6 profiles on the computer. They mean the same thing for the i560 and the i860.

This the interpretation for anyone that has been looking for it:

The SP files mean Shiny Paper. This would be the glossy papers.
The MP files mean Matte paper. That is an easy one.
The PR files mean the Pro paper series (Photo Paper Pro).

The numbers are where you need to set the quality levels. So the SP2 profile means you use one of the glossy paper settings and set the print quality to level 2. A PR1 files means you use the Photo Paper Pro setting and the quality level at level 1. PR2 means the same thing but the quality level at level 2.

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Old Jul 21, 2004, 3:57 PM   #4
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I know it's a few months later now me replying, but I just want to reply here with regard to future visiting people who bought the same printer and have the same question.

I've got a i560 about 7 months now.I've experimented for more than 4 weeks with different paper brands, incl. Canon papers of all kinds : I'm sorry to say but with these Canon supplied profiles I was not able to make any acceptable print whatsoever.Maybe I'm too critical? I don't think so...The printer has the capapility to give stunning results, but ...paper qualities do vary and so does printer quality, these profiles are average profiles and not "dedicated to your printer and paper profiles".
Bought a good profiler program (Profile Prism) ,made my profiles for all the paper types I'm using, and voila : good prints all over the place. No more worrying and head scratching, for a few bucks my problem was solved.All I can say is do yourself a favour and get a descent profiler.Spent some time with it and make your profiles for your paper types and your printer.
FWIW : my favorite papers on the i560 are the Canon PP101 and Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl. (and I'm not affiliated with Profile Prism, just a very happy customer.The purchase was worth the money in all aspects.)

If I can help you any further please let me know.
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Old Jul 22, 2004, 12:16 AM   #5
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I will second RTCNK's comments. I also have the i560 and was unable to get really good results using the supplied profiles. Qimage was a huge help in getting much better prints over the bundled software (when printing from any other software the reds were extremely over saturated). For me, the BJ2000 profile with the pro-grade paper seemed to give the best results with Qimage.

But even after some serious experimenting with the various supplied profiles, I realized that I was just picky enough to try Profile Prism in hopes of some even better results. I'm still working on my own profiles, but I'm very happy to hear that excellent results are available with this budget printer.

(I also am not affiliated with the maker of Qimage or Profile Prism, but I must say - Mike is the Man!)
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Old Aug 24, 2004, 11:41 AM   #6
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For my i560 I am printing on Canon Photo Paper Pro. I have created a profile using Monaco EZ Color. I am using the following printer settings:

Quality = Fine

Halftoning = Diffusion

Color Balance settings on 0

ICM is not checked

Print Type = None

Do these sound like the correct settings?


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