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Hello everyone.........I normally just use epson glossy paper on my epson 825 printer using the Qimage software, and the results are great. The problem I have is when I use kodak satin paper..... I cannot get a good print using the same picture I had used on the epson glossy paper. The color and exposures are way out of wack. I have read all the instructions with the kodak paper and tried different settings but still no luck...........

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong.....really appreciated it.....

Thanks Jim
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try to calibrate your printer for this paper, you need an icc profile !

try here: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/christophe.m...e/profile.html

christophe metairie

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There are basically three routes to take with respect to obtaining profiles for your printer, ink, and paper. The first is to purchase a profiling tool. These can range from $79 for our own Profile Prism (http://www.ddisoftware.com/prism) up to well over $1000 for tools that use a spectrophotometer. The cheaper tools are scanner based and often require some "tweaking" to get good results but with a little "fuss" can produce profiles nearly as good as the very expensive spectro-based profilers. The advantage to the do-it-yourself tools is that you pay once and can keep reprofiling when the paper or ink changes or your printer needs a "recalibration" over time. There is also a sense of satisfaction and a greater sense of "knowledge" on what is going on in the profiling process so many people prefer this do-it-yourself method.

The second way to obtain profiles for your printer is to go with pre-made profiles that were designed for your printer model, ink, and paper. Some (relatively poor quality in my opinion) can be found at places like inkjetmall, but we also offer some premade, pretested profiles at http://www.ddisoftware.com/printerprofiles. The advantage here is that you can get the profiles right away via email without any printing of targets, mailing, and waiting. The down side is that while these profiles can help you get good color, they are the least accurate because they are based on a printer model line (not your specific printer) and changes in ink and paper formulations cannot be taken into account, nor can changes to the print driver.

The third option is to have someone make a profile for you based on you printing a target, mailing it to them, and waiting for them to create a profile based on the print you send in. These tend to be the most accurate but (IMO) only marginally more accurate than a good scanner based profiling tool like Profile Prism used with a good quality scanner. The down side is the wait, and the fact that you pay on a per-profile basis so if your ink, paper, or printer/driver changes, you have to pay again for a new profile and each profile will cost you a set amount of money so you could pay a lot if you often use numerous types of paper. I don't know Christophe who has been posting here, but if you want to go this route, http://www.cathysprofiles.com is a reputable and well known U.S. based outfit and I would recommend them as they provide good service and support and can be found in many of the online forums with quite a large following of satisfied customers. They are cheaper than the French based web site as well since $40 Euro is more than the $40 U.S. that Cathy charges.

Just some info for you...

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