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evaluation time is about up so thought I'd ask rather than experiment - found the area that allows printing over more than one page. Tested by printing an 11X14 using 8.5X11 and borderless option in the print driver (set to no 'expansion'). Print came out great - split between two pages, the edges matched up perfectly, and the printed area measured 11X14 borderless. I got all excited because it worked so well and flipped the two pages over and taped it together to make an 11X14 print - and I can easily see the edges where they mate together.It's like theedges are butted together in the back but still visable in the front. I laid it on a flat (I thought) surface and taped to the back as suggested in an entry here from 2002.Sofinally my question - from anyone else who has done this - will I always easily see the joined edges in the pic or do I need to go back to cut and paste school to learn to color inside the lines to make the edges disappear when viewing? btw - using 2004.307, canoni860, and epson heavyweight matte as the paper and the most obviousjoin line is inthe sky portionif that makes any difference.

thanks in advance for suggestions.

edit: I think this has turned out to be a really stupid question ;( - I finally thought to hold the 'print' up to the light and I see a very tiny sliver of light coming through so I assume I don't have it joined together as tightly as I thought - guess I'll 1) visit the eye doctor and get my glasses fixed, and 2) try this again with probably better results. Sorry to have wasted the band width. (and I'd still be happy to hear any tips and tricks about doing this).

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The best advice here is to use a high quality rotary cutter like a Rotatrim. The key to making the seams less visible is to make sure your cut is perfectly straight and smooth. Then when you butt the pages together, they'll align the entire length of the seam and not bind or have any gaps. Also, it helps to put about three very small pieces of tape on the back (at the edges and the middle) to hold the seam together. It can be difficult to try to keep the two pages right against each other while you are taping the whole length of the seam and a few small "tack" pieces can help keep the alignment while you apply the full length piece of tape.

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