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I have been following the discussion Mike has been having on the proper printer resolution settings . I understand some of it, and some of it don't understand.

I am using a Canon MKII 8mp camera. I am shooting RAW and converting the RAW files using Capture One SE. The C1 program, when doing the conversion to TIFF or JPG is setting a default of 300 DPI for the conversion. I don't know if I should leave this alone or change it to something that would benefit me?

In reading your explainations Mike, I saw you write that using a 300 DPI might not be the best setting for printing to my Epson 2200 printer.

My question is this: The camera is shooting at 3504x2336. When doing the conversion in C1 to do my own printing on the 2200, what would put me in line for the best quality prints when setting the DPI setting in C1. Part of my question seems to be asking if I want the interpolation to be done by the C1 program or by qimage. My experience shows that Qimage does the best job of any program so far in interpolation, so what would I set the C1 program to that would allow Qimage to interpolate to the print size I choose?

I am not even clear myself as to the right question to be asking here, can you get my meaning of what I am asking?

~Peter Gregg
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Files coming out of C1 are always going to be 3504x2336. The 300 DPI you see is totally arbitrary. Your photos really have no DPI (and no size) until you pick your print size at print time. Just leave those 3505x2336 files alone and select your print size in Qimage. Qimage handles the rest.

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