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Mike - First of all I am using a for real paid for version 2004.338 but since you've already answered $200 worth of my questions I'm not sure you made any profit on this one. Can you stand one more?

When I check the exposure box under auto-correct in the editor, a box pops up for exposure clip values (shadow and highlight). Being one of the people who will have to repeat digital darkroom 101 again next semester, what am I 'clipping'. Am I telling qimage to throw away a certain amount of the white and black values in the image and if so, why would I want to do that?

Sorry to be so slow but this is a whole new world to me. And as always, thank you in advance for you wonderful help.


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Yes, you are telling it how many pixels to clip (at 0 or 255) in the black/white areas. These values are important because specular highlights in photos often throw off calculations. For example, the entire image may be too dark but there is an intense reflection of the flash in a window. To ignore that reflection (which is already probably at max 255 in all channels), you may have to choose to clip about 2%, 5%, etc. so that the bright spot is ignored.

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