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Using the Canon EOS 300D Digital rebel and have found that it actually embeds sRBG into the images rather than having an .icc profile that you download.

Question is, how do I get Qimage to recognize this?

This is what I've done so far.

In the Color Management section Input section, I added a line and clicked the button "Extract EXIF Model Name". The name of my camera then appears. That appears under the <unknown device> line.

Is that enough? Another tip?
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Like most of the latest dSLR cameras, the 300D actually does not embed any color space in images straight from the camera. There is a Canon proprietary "flag" in the files that indicates which selection you made in the camera's custom menu (sRGB or Adobe) but the profile itself is not embedded, so Qimage won't pick it up because the sRGB selection is embedded in a proprietary way. If you use sRGB, you shouldn't have to worry about it because sRGB is the default in Qimage if no embedded profile is found.

P.S. If you shoot raw and convert the raw files with just about any conversion tool, the conversion tools will embed an actual ICC profile into the converted images. That's about the only way to get a real profile embedded into your images. In that case, where a real profile is embedded, Qimage will automatically pick up and use the embedded profile.

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