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I held off buying QImage for some time and used the trial copies, but decided to spend the bucks for a real copy of QIMAGE.

I just went thru an set of 4 prints 3 from Adobe CS and 1 from QIMAGE version 340.

I used the stock ICM settings and sRGB for all prints using a Canon i950 printer.

I used modest USM in ADOBE and used a TIFF file from ADBOBE in QIMAGE.

The ONLY print that really shows the USM sharpening is the QIMAGE print.

All prints were 4x6...and from a new CANON 20D.

The QIMAAGE print stand out, it pops in sharpness and clarity. The others are dull in comparison.


I have done this before but this time I said I need to tell the forum users HOW GREAT THIS PROGRAM IS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Mr. Mike for the great app!!

Raleigh, NC
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Thanks for the feedback! It's good to see all the positive feedback, especially in a forum that is mostly about "troubleshooting". Makes my job a little brighter!

Thanks again,
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I do lots of printing from QIMAGE and the prints always look great.

I have the luxury using a LCD panel and I pretty much have my prints coming out of my i950 looking what I see on the LCD and what I saw when I took the picture....this is the thing many of us strive to get...so I have not had to go down the Full Color profiling path...I would if I think i really needed to...

I shoot in RAW, convert...add some USM if needed, and the conversion is to a TIFF file.

Then into Qimage, with sRGB and i use autoexposure most often...and use the printer ICM....voila the prints look excellent...

When I print from Adobe, all things being equal...the prints DO NOT LOOK AS CRISP as the same Prints using the same printer and ICM etc...

The end result is using QIMAGE to me makes my work look really great...

My workflow is relatively simple....and QIMAGE is an integral part of it.....

People will think your paying me to say this, but no way...keep it simple, keep it crisp!!!

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