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I set up a page of pictures with text added. It printed fine. But can I save this set up to reuse later? I sure hope you say yes.

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Anthony -

This is not a very quick reply but the answer to your question is yes, you can save the page (or pages) your working on with the pictures and text. Just click on "File" and go to "Save Current Session". There's also an icon you can click on to do this. Give the page a unique name so that you won't forget it and save. Qimage does not saveduplicate files of the images, just hooks out to the pictures you put on the page as well as other information such as text, picture location on the page, etc. It works very well (and it prints well too!) Do not however, move any of these pictures to another folder or delete them - Qimage won't know where to look for them. When you want to go back to that page, click on "Load session" and choose the grouping you want to bring back up; you get the page with all the pictures, text, etc.

My only gripe, and a very minor one at that, is once I've loaded a session (brought up a saved pages and pictures) and I've completed what I needed done (changed text, added a new page or picture to the collection, etc.), you then go to "Save Current Session"; I usually want to save it under the same name but you have to retype it inand it's not displayed anywhere, other than in the file listing of the save as dialog box that pops up. In other words, it would be nice if the "session name" were displayed while you're working on a particular group (session) of saved pages / images.

Paul in NoVA
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