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Default Sharpening

Most agree that sharpening is best done just before printing after other effects and any resizing using interplation. I like to use PS for my basic editing, When and how should I sharpen if I am going to print the image using QiPro?

Also, after editing in PS and printing from there, I don't save my edited image files (jpegs) because I don't want to degrade them further with more compression. How does one port edited jpegs to Qimage with out resaving?
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It is best to set your sharpening level on the image itself so that the image looks sharp enough for your taste when viewed on your monitor at 100% zoom (1:1). After that, you can use Qimage Pro's "smart sharpening" controls to control the relationship between printed sharpness and on screen (image) sharpness.

As far as editing and saving images, Qimage Pro is a file based application. Unlike photo editors, it does not accept image data directly: it has to be saved as a file. When finished editing in PhotoShop, simply save another JPEG copy or save a TIFF copy if you are concerned about image degradation. If your JPEG save quality is set toward the high end (8 or up in PhotoShop), it takes several repetative saves before you'll ever notice any degradation in prints.

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