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jbruceb wrote:
1. Before I am able to implement custom profiling for my Canon i960, should I enter the Canon supplied profiles in Qimage, or just leave it blank?
If you are doing custom profiling, you create your custom profile with all color management in the driver (and Qimage) off and then once it is created, just activate it in "Prtr ICC". This is all explained in the profiling software documentation when you go to create your profile(s).

2. I also have a HiTi (dye sub) 4x6 printer. Does Qimage bring any benefit to this?
Yes. It will resample to the native resolution of your printer and produce sharper results. There are also some HiTi profiles available on the web and/or you can create custom profiles for that too even with it being a 4x6.

I still think that you are selling Richard Lynch short. Quoting from Sybex, the publisher of his latest books "Richard Lynch is the author of Special Edition Using Photoshop 6, and Adobe Photoshop 5 How-To, as well as numerous articles on Photoshop, scanning, digital photography, and imaging for various magazines. He is the editor of more than 30 photography and digital imaging how-to books. His Photoshop work has appeared in print and on the Web, in website design, magazines, books, music CDs, trade-show installations, and as logos. He currently teaches Digital Rendering at Daemen College and works for a New York software company as a documentation specialist".
I really am not trying to "sell" anyone. It sounds like he's spreading himself pretty thin and might just be hitting the surface of a lot of these topics. That's just a guess though, as I'm not trying to make any statements about the author other than the fact that it appears he knows very little about color management if he recommends in a blanket statement that everyone not fool with it.

I suspect that he knows more about color management than 99.99% of professional graphics artists or photographers.
If your statement about his writings on color management can be taken at face value, I seriously doubt that since he is about the only person who would tell people to ignore or "forget about" color management when it comes to professional work. He's the only "professional" that I know of who is simply dismissing color management and telling people not to use it. Unfortunately, in my opinion, books are becoming a lot more like the internet. Because you can write something, make it look good, and publish it doesn't necessarily mean you have the right answers!

I have not read his books though, and I suspect that in this case, you may be misquoting him or at least misrepresenting or simplifying what he wrote. I can see someone telling your average snapshooter that they may not want to spend the time, money, and effort required to do color management if all they are doing is printing a few family snapshots and they don't care about a little color inaccuracy here and there. That's one thing, and I suspect someone with Mr. Lynch's background probably intended the statement you quoted that way. To make a general statement that you should not fool with color management, however, is poor advice as it is the only true solution for professional (or even just accurate) work currently available. If you don't care about your prints looking their best, fine, but if you are a professional or you are interested in at least getting professional looking results, color management is not only something you should "fool with" it is absolutely imperative. If Mr. Lynch thinks otherwise, he is standing alone in his own corner.

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Troutman, Here is a Handy PDF thatspecificially addressesyour question regarding Canon Profiles/Printer Settings and is applicable to Qimage:

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