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Default Print Size

I just bought and registered Qimage and one of the things I don't seem to be able to get through my thick head is getting the right size print. This is my current problem:

I scanned a small print into PS Elements and resized it to print 4X6. I know that by going bigger than the original I'll lose some but it still looks acceptable. I printed it through Elements and it looked "OK" so I thought I would improve it by going to Qimage.

I set the printer (Epson 785EPX) to 4X6 (no perferations), no border, and went to print. I get a small white area at the bottom of the print and the que indicates the size is 4X5.57.

How do I get it to print borderless 4X6?

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Make sure you are selecting the proper 4x6 paper size in the driver. Some drivers have different 4x6 settings for perforated versus non-perforated, etc.

Your print driver has total control over the print area on the paper, but to make sure that Qimage Pro is being used in the proper borderless printing workflow, here's what you need to do for borderless prints:

(1) Click "File", "Printer Setup" and select paper size and check "borderless".
(2) Click "Page", "Margins" and make sure all margins are set to zero.
(3) Select one or more thumbnails.
(4) Click and depress the crop button (scissors icon under "Prints").
(5) Click the "Custom" button under "Prints". The "Special Sizes" window opens.
(6) Click the "Full Page" button.
(7) Close the "Special Sizes" window.

If you don't get borderless prints on the paper you are using with the above steps, there is a problem either with your printer or the paper/driver settings.

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