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This is a bit frustrating. When Qimage and my HP Designjet 130 work together, the results are amazing, especially when printing 20x30. However I keep getting intermittent problems. The last problem that I posted about here, (the image getting sliced up into thin stripsthen the order of the strips reassembled and printed in reverse order)no one has responded to. Hopefully I'll have better luck with the new issue. Here goes...

Latelywhen I tryprinting 20x30 or larger from Qimage, the HP just quits. I called HP support, and they say the file being sent to the printer is too large. (These are 13.5megapixel images from Kodak 14n, edited in Photoshop, flattened and saved as a tiff.) Their answer: tell Qimage to print a smaller photo, say a 10x15, then go into the print driver and tell it to enlarge to the desired size, and it will "fill in" the extra information. Having the HP driver do the uprez sort of defeats the purpose of using Qimage doesn't it?

Anyone know ofa way to take advantage of Qimage and have small enough files for the HP?


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First, I would probably have to pose the question to HP: if your printer is set up to accept paper and print sizes of 20x30 or larger, how can the file being sent to the print driver be "too big"? The manufacturers are responsible for creating the print drivers/specs for their printers so if their driver reports 600 PPI (for example) and you select a 20x30 print size, the driver should be able to handle those specifications. Otherwise, what's the point in designing a driver to those specs? I think what they probably meant was that it is too big for your particular system/memory/configuration since [large] operations on any system are limited only by the resources available on that system.

If you want to print a smaller file, just change your interpolation level (under "Prints", "Print Interpolation") to "High" instead of "Max"... or even "Med" if you like. The lower you go on the interpolation scale, the less data is sent to the driver. Of course, if you go below "High" you may start to notice a significant degradation in quality.

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