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JamesQu Oct 6, 2005 3:38 AM

Hi, Everyone!

I just bought the latest version of Qimage. Did a printing comparison between A4 color landscape printings done with it and with ps cs2. The prints printed with Qimage obviously has more details.

I set the resolution of the photos at 360 ppi, because someone wrote somewhere that it is the resolution to go for Epson printers. I also tried 300 ppi and 240 ppi, couldn't see much difference.

My question is, to retain as much detail as possible, what resolution should I use?

Thanks in anticipation.


BrianP Oct 7, 2005 10:44 AM

Hi James

The Ideal workflow is to leave ALL the interpolation to QImage.
Start with your camera file in Photoshop, and do all your adjustments to colour, etc without resizing or sharpening. Flatten and save as a .tif file.
Bring it into the QImage queue at the size you want (make sure the Crop Button - the scissors - is clicked on), and crop it in the page editor. You can click the little magnifying glass to enter the precision crop area if necessary. It uses sticky crops, so the next time you load that photo at that size it will remember your crop. Adjust the sharpness level after you have seen a print.
This way the file only undergoes one interpolation, from camera to printer resolution, using the best algorithms in the business., which is why you get the best results.



JamesQu Oct 7, 2005 8:38 PM

Thank you, Brian!

I will try your method next time when I print. I think I will also compare the printing results between the ones with and without sharping in PS 'cause I do like the results of the sharpening techniques I am using. Let's see what the Qimage can do.

Appreciate your help.


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