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I've stitched a 12x52 inchat 240 dpi print that won't print on my Epson 2200 from Photoshop CS2, have finally given up on Photoshop for printing it and am now testing Qimage. I've downloaded the trial version V2006.128 but can't get it to work either.

I've loaded the Epson 2200 with 13" wide roll paper.

The image is 12x52 inches at 240 dpi and is in uncompressed TIF format, 8 bit. It shows up OK in Qimage.

Example 6a seems to almost exactly match my needs so I followed it. As printing begins, it appears that everything is OK but after printing about 10" or sonothing else is printed until the last 10" or so. That is, the12x52 inch "print" that I get consists of a 12x10 image, a 12x32 blank and a 12x10 image. (These are rough dimensions, guess I'd better measure the next attempt!)

When using Photoshop to print this pano, there were no "skips".

I've tried making custom page sizes in the Epson driver of 1295x4400, 1294x4400, 1294x4200 and 1294x4390 hundredths of inches -- doesn't seem to matter. (I did these because some Internet discussors seem to emphasis a "round-off" error by Epson.)

Again, in the Qimage setup, I tried to follow Example 6a. I entered a specific print size of 12x52 inches and was asked to "Confirm" that the print should span multiple pages. I clicked "Yes". I've tried Auto Crop both on and off and get somewhat different results (can't remember the differences now) but neither crop setting worked.

In tinkering with Qimage, I had set the interpolation to the highest setting. I've since reset all to the defaults but haven't tried another print at the defaults.

I'm not trying to force centered or borderless prints.

I've just about given up on getting this 12x52 inch pano printed. In fact, there are only about 3 more attempts on the roll.

Any ideas for my last three attempts?

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The answer to this one is probably simple: just check the printer properties in control panel and uncheck "Enable Advanced Printing Features". That option always causes missing portions of the print on large prints. This info (and other suggestions) can be found in the Qimage help under "TroubleShooting" or at this URL:


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Thanks for the help. I foundthat note about disabling the Advanced Features but had run out of ink and hadn't tried it yet. It worked! Well, sort of.

Qimage still printed my 12x52 image as about 10x44. I finally noticed that the queue even showed that size. I deleted that image from the queue, then set the custom size and moved the same image file back into the queue. Now the image is trying to print at the 12x52 inch size. Apparently this sequence is critical.

Now if the image would just not print at the extreme edge of the paper! Doesn't have to be exactly centered width-wise, just not at the extreme edge.
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I've had the same problem with it not centering images that are tiled across multiple "pages". The solution is to go into Photoshop and add a border using the canvas size feature to fill out the page. The boarder can be white if that is what you want.

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Thanks, Ken. That (adding a white border) is exactly what I did. Worked perfectly.
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