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I've been doing some comparison tests between Qimage, PhotoZoom Pro, and Genuine Fractals 4.

While Qimage certainly "holds it's own" in quality, and beats the others in speed; I found it strange that the "processed" results from Qimage resulted in half the file size of PhotoZoom, GF-4, or Photoshop Resize.

Example: Started with a converted RAW file of 14.6"W X 9.73"H X 240 ppi. I went for a processed size of 15W X 10H X 720 ppi.. In Photoshop's Resize dialog, that would result in an image file size of 444.9 MB, and that's also what I get with both GF, and PhotoZoom.

In Qimage, however, the View Print Queue shows 15 X 10: 234 ppi - 233MB. The "Print To File" box shows 15 X 10 in (720 X 720) ( Interp= MAX / HIGH / Pyrimid -10); and the processed result, when opened in Photoshop, is 15 X 10 X 720 ppi at 222.5 MB.

How can Qimage produce an image file of the samedimensions, and resolution as the other three methods---- and "end up" with half the file size????

That would be a good thing, but hardly seems practically possible.


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Print drivers are all 8 bits/channel. Your raw file that has higher bit depth must be converted to a 24 bit image prior to sending it to the driver, so when Qimage prints (or creates a print file), you'll get 15 x 10 @ 720 PPI which is (15*720) * (10*720) * 3 channels = 234 MB. You get double the size you need when you do it in PhotoShop because it is creating a 48 bit (16 bit/channel) image. In other words, your 445 MB PhotoShop file is twice as big as it needs to be because it has data that cannot be used by your print driver.

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