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I've been printing on Ilford Classic Pearl, on an Epson 1280. I have the Epson Driver set to "No Color Adjustment", and the Ilford media profile for the 1280, stored in the "Mode" / "Custom" settings of the Printer Driver.

I noted that when Qimage has processed a file for printing, and the Ilford profile is provided in the Printer Output /Color Space box,-- Qimage will convert the image file from the (AdobeRGB 1998 )"Work" space to the provided, Ilford, media profile ( I assume Photoshop mimics that procedure in it's "Print With Preview" dialog).

I noted also, however, that If "Printer Output" is not enabled ( Qimage does not convert the Color Space to the Printer / Media profile), The Epson Print Driver still depicts the Custom, Ilford profile, and though "No Color Adjustment" remains selected, the Printer Driver apparently converts the color space to the selected Ilford media profile prior to printing.

It's been generally advised that Photoshop does a better job of Color Conversion than Epson. So,---Does it matter,from aquality standpoint, weather Qimage does the conversion prior to sending the file to the printer, or the Epson Driver converts it prior to printing?

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I would not advise letting the driver to it. The driver has no knowledge of the image color space so it cannot do a direct conversion from an image with (for example) Adobe RGB color space to the printer color space. The image has to be "downconverted" to sRGB and then passed to the driver. That's why it is always advisable to set the driver to "no color adjustment" mode and let the software (PS or Qimage) do the conversion.

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