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I just bought a brandnew Canon IP4000 printer. It works like a charm if I print with PS using 'print with preview' and when I let do the color handling with a generic sRGB printer profile. To print via PS is not very practical unless someone has some sort of batch printing utility...

When I use Qimage (demo version) I get very (!) poor results if I use any of the Canon supplied IP4000 color profiles (I get muddy images). Not using any of the profiles gives the best result but by far still not good as PS. What settings do I need to get prints that are as good as the PS ones?
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Qimage and PS produce identical color as long as you set them up (and the driver) the same way. Here's an article on the subject here at Steve's that might help:


The bottom line is that if PS shows good color and Qimage doesn't, you don't have Qimage set up properly and you'll need to check your settings.

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Mike, many thanks for your reply and link. I have surfed the Internet for hours without finding any usefull info on the Canon printer profiles. But it now makes sense. Strange that Canon does not say anything about their profiles, not in the driver help files and not on their web site.

I have now also good prints from Qimage. What made the change was to set the monitor to a generic sRGB profile and not using any profile for the printer. I am now encouraged to actually buy Qimage and do some more experimenting with the printer profiles.

I noted on your website that you made separate profiles for Canon BCI-6 inkt (that my IP4000 is also using) and InkJet Goodies ink. I am just curious...: is there a big difference between these inks? I bought the IP4000 instead of the current IP4200 model just and only because the IP4000 accepts non-Canon cartridges yet I still need to experiment with various inks.....

Again, thanks for you post, it was most helpfull.
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