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With Photoshop,--- prior to printing (Print With Preview),---I apply a "final" sharpening process (typically a plugin). Next,--- I Preview a "before & after" of the Sharpening effect, at Actual Pixel Size,to determine weather it's optimal, or "too much" ( "halos", noise,etc.)---- Then, if necessary, undo / redo and correct as required.

Since Qimage applies it's sharpening-- after--the Interpolation process is completed, and there is an Adjustment Sliderfor intensity, it would make sense to be able to Preview the Interpolated / Up-sampled file, at Actual Pixel Size, and Adjust the degree of Sharpening--- prior to printing, without having to repeat the Interpolation process. If there's a way do do this, I haven't found it. In the"Print: To Printer" mode,--- WhenI select "Print", --- The printer driveropens, and onceI click OK, Qimageprocesses the file per the selected settings, and sends it directly to the printer.

The alternative, would be to make multiple test prints, at various settings, wasting paper, ink and considerable time, which would be impractical at best!


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There is no way to preview sharpness of a print by looking at it on screen. While these functions might be useful when viewing changes to images, they will be very inaccurate and misleading when looking at a prepared print on screen because prints and images displayed on screen will require different levels of sharpening. The very reason that final print sharpening exists in Qimage is so that differences between the sharpness of an image displayed on screen and sharpness of a print printed on your printer/paper can be adjusted and controlled. The only real way to adjust the final print sharpening is to do some test prints. Print sharpness simply cannot be "simulated" on screen as it changes drastically with printer model, paper used, driver settings, etc.. Once you adjust it for your printer and the paper you are using, you can leave it alone and you will get consistent results for every print on that type of paper with the driver settings you've chosen.

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