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Default Questions about Poster Printings

My printer will print borderless 8 1/2 x 11 (Canon i850)

When printing a Poster should I set the driver for 8 1/2 x 11 borderless or just set it for 8x10 ??

I have never tried a Poster on any program, does Qimage print some some sort of guide on the paper to help you line each print up or what?

If you use 8x10" I assume you either have to overlap the prints or cut them and then lay them edge to edge?

What is the best way to attach them to each other, glue, tape or what?

Any advice on this process is greatly appreciated, I would like to try a 3 X 3 page poster and would like to get it right the first time instead of having to do it three or four times.
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I would not recommend using borderless mode when doing posters. Borderless mode often stretches/distorts the prints and you may actually lose some of the picture on the edges which is unacceptable when trying to align pages in a poster.

Just set your printer for its normal non-borderless mode. Then, cut your prints from the page using (preferably) a rotary cutter that is designed for cutting photos. If you cut right at the edge on all four corners making sure not to leave any white, you can turn the pages over and butt them up against each other. Use something like a glass table that you know is flat. If you use a good cutter, the pages should butt together with no gaps and you can just scotch tape at the seams.

The above is how Qimage was designed (to butt pages together). It doesn't offer the ability to overlap because any type of overlap gives you much more noticeable seams than the "butting" method due to the fact that you always end up with a thin white stripe that is visible from the edge (you can see the white edge of the top piece of paper from the side as the ink doesn't penetrate through the thickness of the paper).
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