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I have a TIFF that Qimage 2006.220 displays as a random mess. It is displayed correctly by the Windows viewer and by Photoshop. If saved in Photoshop as TIFF the new file does display OK in Qimage.

(the entire run of 40 TIFFs has the same problem though the garbage display differs)

Is there a place to upload this 16 MB file for examination? Or I can place it for temporary download.

The image was taken by a Canon 20D as RAW, loaded in Capture One, cropped and had the exposure reduced, and saved as TIFF.
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I justtrasnferred a raw image from my 20D into Capture One to create a .tif file and it seems OK in Qimage so far as the small display shows. Not pixelated like I think you mean. I haven't printed it, but it look just like any other image I have used.
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It is possible that the TIFF has some internal problem or incompatibility. If so, it is likely that a much smaller version would have the same problem. If you can get the software to save a smaller (lower resolution) version that has the same problem and you can get the file below about 8 MB, you can e-mail it to me at [email protected]

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