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I downloaded Qimage a few days ago and I am comparing it with other more expensive RIP's.I can see lots of thingsmissing but to be honest after comparing with Imageprint,Photogate, and DaylightRIP the price difference is quite major. Iam a reseller of Epson 4800, 7800 and 9800printers and I sell to Photographers who would need to spend twice as much on a system with an expensive RIP.

The majoruseful itemthat is the missing is the Virtual Printer. The Virtual Printer could be used bythose who have 2 or more computers and it would also allow Mac's to print via a PC using Qimage to the Printer.
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Qimage does allow you to print to file(s). You could print to a hot folder, for example, or just save your printed pages as image files and then use another computer to queue those images to the printer.

Also, could you be more specific about what you see missing? Usually the RIPs lack a lot of features that are found in Qimage so I would expect the opposite! The only thing a RIP has over Qimage is that they tend to be better at B/W printing due to their direct control of the printer.

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Thanks for the reply. I did notice you can print to a file which is fine. In some cases where several workstations are used a Print Serverwill be installed in an area where it is not convient to use as a work station and the option to share a Virtual Printer would be more useful.

I read you comments on printing over a network and I agree that it introduces another point of failure or corruption but with todays networks getting up to 1Gbit speeds I don't think it's sucha problem.

On my demo setup Iprint over a networkto an Epson4800 & 7800 with 64bit PC's and W2K3 Printer Server using SBS2003 as the main network server and no one complains about corrupt images or problems with traffic slowing on the network.

All my clientswith Large Format printers use a Print Server with plenty of Ram and HDD spaceand so far no problems.

By the way Qimageflies when used on our Win XPx64 with 2 xOpteron dual core processors and 8 G Ram. Imageprint failed to install, the rest are fine but your demo is great without all the demo rubbish printed on the paper.

I'll look at program more thoughly over the weekend for further comments.
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