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This is my setup:
QImage Pro v2006.256
Photoshop CS2
Windows XP sp2
Dell 380 Workstation, dual core p4, 4gb RAM
Epson 7600 printer

QImage displays "Image Read Error" in the thumbnail view for large-ish files (TIFF and PSD) and will not print them. It doesn't seem to be related to the size of the file since it is only 264mb and it displays larger PSD files without problems. The size of the image, however, is fairly large: 7005 x 12871 24bit.
My machine has plenty of memory (4gb) and I am able to print these files with Photoshop so it doesn't seem to be a resource issue.

From reading some previous posts I got the impression that this problem has been fixed or is there some other limit I'm not aware of?

- Claude

P.S. QImage works beautifully otherwise.

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The file size limit in Qimage is about 900 MB. Your 7005 x 12871 image is
well within range since it is only 270 MB. When working with files that
are this large, please be sure to save them as flattened TIFF files that
have no extra layers or alpha channels. Saving as PSD files or TIFF's
with alpha channels or layers makes the files much larger than they need
to be and can cause problems. Also note that Adobe no longer supports the
latest PSD format for third party applications so the PSD format is inherently
less compatible than TIFF.


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