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Hi Folks,

I'd like to print multiple teststrips on one page.
Each strip should be identical portion (size/location) of a single "master" image
Each strip will have a different amount of sharpening applied

Is it possible, ideally without saving separate files? Creating the identical strips is messy, but possible. However, using the associative filter option each instance ends up with the same amount of sharpening (i.e last amount applied).

Any suggestions?


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If I understand your question, the simplest approach would beto create a single test strip. For example,one inch wide byhowever long you need for your comparison. Then just move the location of the strip foreach test print. Each time you move the test strip you can apply new settings and print to the same page withoutaffecting the previous prints. On a letter-size page with a one-inch stripthat goes edge to edgeyou can printabout seven or ten strips to a page depending on which direction you print.

I've donethis whileeditingprinter profilesbycreating agray scale stripthat runsside to sideon my test page. I start by printingthe strip at the top of the page and progressively moving the stripdown the page each time I printed a new version of the profile.

Good Luck
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