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Hello all from AU.
I am running an Epson 7800 with 24" roll paper. My print driver is set to borderless.
Printing out of Photoshop (PSCS) I achieve what I need without any issues, which is:

On a canvas of 24"x 8" I have 2 8x12" images tiled up side by side ready to print. By printing them out of PSCS I get 100% of the images on the paper.
The only issue is that I have to print each canvas one at a time and when I have around 1000 8x12" prints (school photos) to knock out, QI was to come to the rescue.

Now when I use QI, I am losing around a quarter of an inch from each end of my canvas which is no good to me as I require 100%. (there is text etc.)
After reading this forum and others about expand page, expand prints etc all I have done is confused myself to the stage of desperaton. lol

I guess what I am asking is, which setting do I need too instruct QI too treat my canvas size the same way as printing them out of PSCS? I am figuring I have just missed something somewhere in QI.
Ideally I need QI to behave the same way as PSCS with the bonus of printing whole folders at once, not one at a time.

Unrelated, there are no issues with color managment, QI works a treat with my profiles.

Thanks in advance, Kelvin
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Have you read my article here at Steve's:


The wide format Epsons handle borderless a bit differently than your average printer (and you'll have to use borderless or "no margins" if you plan to print two 12" prints side by side on 24 inch paper). In Qimage, just make sure you are using one of the centered methods like "Optimal/spaced" or "Center". If you are in borderless/no margins mode, the printer will actually print off the page if your image placement method is something like "compact" or "optimal" because the prints will be against the left side.

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Thanks Mike... Got that sorted.
One further issue I am discovering is that if I que up more than 25 images @ 8x12" 300dpi (25mg each) the printer stops half way throught the first print. Grrrr.

Pentium 4 cpu 2.80 ghz, 2.80ghz, 1.5gb of ram.
Xp Sp2, Epson stylus pro7800.

Any further tips,

Thanks again, Kelvin :-)
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