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I hope somebody can help me finding the right camera for a very special setting. For my work, I am taking pics of electrophoresis gels under UV illumination; think of a slab of gelatine-like jelly with little fluorescent dots in it when illuminated from the bottom with a UV source.
In the past, this was done with Polaroid large format instant film and very simple stand cameras. Quality was superb, but unfortunately the film is incredibly expensive now ($1.50 a shot). There are a number of CCD solutions on the market which are very expensive and not very good, so I am trying to build a system from consumer components.

The light conditions are rather low in my setting, and focusing is not trivial as we are talking about a transparent jelly that does not have crisp features (i.e. the AF systems in consumer cameras are surely not designed for this....). I am looking for a high-res camera that gives me a live viewfinder with control over exposure, shutter, zoom and focus while adjusting and shooting from the camera stand. And I also would like to have a very straightforward way to print the shot immediately.
Many considerations for "normal" photos don't interest me at all, like AF quality, anti-shake, shooting speed etc.

I take it that this means working from a PC/Mac, as I am not optimistic that I will get a good viewfinder plus a direct print option without a computer.

I have been playing with Canon's remote capture software for my old DigiIxusV3, but this is clearly not up to the job. On this forum I found that the Konica Capture software seems to do most of what I need. I have to decide now whether to buy a Dimage A2 (does the A200 support the software?), a Powershot with 3rd party capture software, or something else that I have not thought about yet. Price is not a primary consideration, if there is a SLR that can do the job I can spend the money.

I would very much appreciate any input, sorry for this lenghty post.
Best wishes
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