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Hello all,

Hopefully someone can assist me with a very specific requirement that I have. I need to be able to have a camera (any model/make) hooked up to a PC (I assume via USB). When I take a photograph I want the photograph automatically transferred or saved to the computer that it is connected to. I am thinking that it might be possible using one of the SDKs and the remote controlling capabilities. However, it is important to note that the photographs needs to be taken through the camera, not through a application interface on the P.C. Basically I will be taking a photo like I would with any camera, but the difference is that the camera is connected to a computer and the photo would be automatically copied to the computer. An alternative solution that would also work is if the computer automatically gets notified when a photograph is taken and the name/filename of the image is supplied to the PC.

Does anyone know of any possible solutions??? Can an SDK help with this, such as the Nikon SDKs. I am a software developer, so writing a program is a possibility. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Chris

I have a Pentax *ist DS digital SLR which has a USB connection. Pentax have a free application named PENTAX Remoite Assistant which allows you to automate picture taking somewhat and also remotely take pictures.

After reading your query I fired it up to find what I could.

With the USB cable plugged in the camera shows 'PC' in the LCD I can not do anything with the camera, at least not in the few minutes I tried.

After starting Remote Assistant I can use the camera normally to take pictures and provided I have set Remote Assistant to Auto Save in the file menu each picture is saved to my computer.

Does this meet your needs?

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A number of Canon models have this functionality. In addition to Canon's software, you can also get third party software to do the same thing with many of these models:


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I have tested Canon and Olympus cameras, they both work pretty good. Canon has some motion detection features but at least some models cant be manually foucsed trough SDK programs.

You should take a look to this site : http://www.sabsik.com/
New version of Cam2Com is really good if you want to use windows to remote your camera.

As you are a software developer, see also this page http://www.gphoto.org/ (for linux)

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