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this is my first question in this forum. I'm wondering if it's possible to remotely control the camera without using a computer? Let's say that you instead program some kind of USB-circuit and let that one control the camera.

This would make it easier if your in a place where you can't bring a computer and need to save space but still need to remote control the camera (ex an underwater camera housing).


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Technically its totaly possible. but....

you;d need a very good level (university degree) of electrical engineering/computer sience (like mine)
then you'd have to find out what "languages" are used in the data transfers from camera to device.... possibly standard data transfer protocols, possibly something more cleaver so that other companies cant make spin off devices...

after htat its just a case of designing the circuitry, the software to drive the usb host chip you'll need and then you just have to put it all together and test it...

all in all i'd say.. its a very expensive project (in time and money) and probably not worth it..
if it was.. other companies would have done it for you already! (general rule of thumb with electronics.. eg. just as people realised old laptops could be modified to be digital picture frames... they appear in shops...)
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why usb?

if u have an infra red capable camera u can control it via that

look on menu on camera where self timer function is, if it shows remote control u can easily control shutter and zoom via radio transmitter using a Gentled,and a transmitter and reciever, i use this set up on my kite camera.

u cannot control exposure etc though, camera will need to be on auto

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