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Default How can I use a Digcam as a presentation tool with projector


I am looking for help with a project. My goal is to use a digital camera as a presentation tool by automatically sending the still image/picture that I just took to a data projector but not in composite video. Ultimately the ideal setup that I need has to perform in the following manner.
I want to take the picture(remote from either pc or some time of IR wireless remote) using a digital camera and have it instantly displayed on the data projector in full screen mode. This pict ure would then remain on the projector until I took another picture. Then the new picture would be displayed. Obviuously the projector would be connected to my pc's video card. The ideal setup would be to also connect a video monitor to the camera(via composite video) which would then act as "preview monitor" for setting up the shot or possible another computer monitor that would show a live preview. I dont want the projector to show the "set up of the shot" as I am zooming in and out.
Can this be done? Any sugestions as far as what I would need for this type of setup?(camera?software?video card?...)
I also thought about possibly using a frame grabber and an analog video camera to do this but I would think the quality of a digital cam would be better.
The important part of this setup is to make it simple for the user.
1:Turn the system on.
2:Adjust the shot.(zoom in and out and maybe an iris adjustment via remote control)
3:Snap the picture and have it instantly and automatically come up on the projector.
4:Set up next shop, snap the new picture, and have the projector go from the first shot to the new one...and so on....
Is this way too much too ask?
I won't say money is no object with this project, but I am willing invest a good amout for a good quality, and EASY system! :?:
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Your best bet might be to use a camera and image capture program running on a PCand use the projector as the display for the PC.

Canon has many suitable cameras that can be controlled from a PC, and Canon as well as Breeze Systems have corresponding software.

The Nikon SLR cameras can likewise be controlled by Nikon Capture.

Good luck!
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You can not get instant digital images of high resolution as you would like at this stage of technology development. The only method for hi pixel display is to use capture software as described by harbortronics which takes some download time via USB, firewire, or serial port. Someday with hi resolution video this may be possible but not with todays digital cameras.

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This is a small company here in Rochester, NY that may help simplify part of the process for you. They have developed a device that sends images wirelessly from your camera to a PC using a dummy compact flash attachment. I can't speak for the functionality of the software they have currently but getting the pictures into the PC quickly and easily is half the job anyway. My guess is that using the slideshow feature in Windows XP would at least be able to disply images from the same directory in which Wi-Pics is storing them. Getting the slideshow to wait for the next image might be last little hurdle but it doesn't seem impossible.

This company is at least worth keeping an eye upon at the very least.

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