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I bought myself a generic IR remote trigger for my Nikon D50 from a company named "Jianisi" it was a lot less expensive that the actual Nikon remote. I had tried using a TV remote, which did work but not well and was too big.
I have done a lot of reading on the net about how these remotes will not work from behind the camera. I've seen a lot of ideas about how to jurry rig a method of making them work, from fiber optics to bicycle mirrors. But I didn't like any of them as they all seemed cheesy or unpractical and I don't like the idea of gluing or using stick on Velcro an my camera so I decided to see what I could come with on my own.
I had a few ideas but decided to first see what the limits of the remote were before picked one to try out.
This is where my confusion starts. I could not get the remote to NOT fire the camera. No matter where I held the thing it worked like a charm. I even took the camera out side where there was nothing for the beam to reflect off of. The sutter fired ever time.

So did I just get lucky? Are the gods on my side? Or has the problem with IR remotes been greatly exaggerated?

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Two things here ... first (assuming it is an infrared remote and not a radio remote):

1. reflection off of other objects (my tv IR remote works anywhere in my livingroom and even down my hallway due to the paint, glass, and even curtains reflecting IR)

2.and power of the IR remote.

I have had IR remotes that MUST look directly at the front of the camera/flash/what-have-you but in certain conditions with good IR reflectance worked almost anywhere within reasonable distance — and then had a couple that were very powerful which usually worked fine from most any reasonable distance indoors and occasionally very well outdoors reflecting off leaves or what-have-you.

That's why I personally prefer the reliability of RF remotes.
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