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I didn't know this particular forum existed or I would have posted in here instead..

D200 and D300 owners...

After seeing the horrific price of the MC-30corded shutter release, I bidded for and wonan online auction for a cheap (one 7th of the Nikon price) copy of the MC-30. Unfortuately it's not like buying retail where you can look at it and even try it before you gives up yer bucks. Ya pays up and moves on so to speek. It looked good but it just wouldn't fit into the port properly. I had to virtually stand on it to get it halfway in. The actual release worked and worked well but the plug was always loose in the port,, and YES,, I did lune up the 3 locating notches. After having second thoughts about doing some possible physical damage to my D300 (just 3 weeks old) while forcing this plug in, today I went and payed the megabucks for the genuine thing, which fits like a silk glove.

I know the crowd I bought the cheapie from imports most of their immitation camera accessories from China and I haveseen some of this stuff in some reputable photography shops. I have even bought some of it in the past.. No offense but its crap... The alloys they use in the tripod heads and mountsisas soft asbutter. The batteries I tried are simply sub-standard giving up after a few months and wouldn't charge up properly. And this latest with the shutter release cord is false economy to its most extreme...

Now I don't have to wonder if I wasted my money on the cheapie anymore, because now I know- I DID...!!!

Never again...!!!

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