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I'm using PSE 7, and shooting with a Canon Rebel Xti.

After doing all my edits, and then resizing using PSE 7 resize image tool to make an 11x14 at 300dpi....I took the image down to the local lab for printing....much to my dismay, the photo looks nothing like it did on the monitor!!! It's dim and grainy and just plain BLAH!!! What did I do wrong???:?

Please help! I've never had this happen before, then again I've never attempted an 11x14 enlargement and I am still kind of new to PSE 7.

Thanks so much in advance!
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There could be a number of answers to your question. If your picture was shot and processed in Adobe RGB color space, the colors would be off quite a lot when printed in sRGB, which is what most labs assume when printing. Many will not print in any other color space. This is the most likely explanation. Others would get into more involved levels of color management.

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What kind of edits? You may have overcropped it.

For example, if you crop a photo to make it look like you used twice as much optical zoom, you end up with 1/4 the original pixels. So, with your XTi, you'd start out with around 2.5 Megapixels before trying to resize it with that kind of crop.

Then, if you resized the cropped image to 300dpi at 11x14 inches, you'd be taking that 2.5 Megapixel image and resizing it to a 13.86 Megapixel Image. You'd need a 3300 x 4200 pixel image (13.86 Megapixels) to get 300dpi at 11x14"

With that kind of enlargement, you can run into issues (since you're adding pixels not captured by the camera, based on the values of adjacent pixels when you "uprez" a photo like that). The resizing algorithms used can make a big difference, too. Here's an article on the subject:

Interpolation Revisited by Mike Chaney.

I'm just guessing at what went wrong without knowing more about what you did to the image.
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